Let’s face it. Shopping for underwear can sometimes feel more like a chore than the fun, intimate occasion and self-treat it should be.

We’ve all been there – waiting for those bulk purchase bargains to “sort us out” for another year, discreetly rummage through the drawers to suss out the sexy styles in the hopes you don’t bump into anyone you know; and let’s not forget the dreaded “I’m sorry but we don’t make that size” comment many face from the sales staff (#nofilter). No woman or man should have to go through so many hoops to fulfill what’s considered one of the most basic needs as underwear!

Enter Peachez…

The first of its kind in the region where we take away all the above hassles (and more!) off your plate. Peachez is a  subscription based model where every month, you get a bag full of surprise undies in unique styles, designs and colours delivered right to your doorstep. Just help us with a few details about yourself and leave the rest to us!

Don’t fancy the commitment just yet? No problem! Visit our online shop to shop as little or as often as you please

So why Peachez?

1. Easily Bespoke – No more hassles of waiting for bargains and digging through piles and packs of underwear. With limited edition designs launched each month you get a surprise package of underwear right at your doorstep at affordable prices. Check out our subscription packages to find one that’s right for you!

2. Flexibility – want to change your style offerings month to month? Don’t want to receive a bag next month? No problem! Our different package offerings mean there’s something to cater to all budgets and needs. Still unsure? Browse over our How it works video to get a better understanding of the Peachez concept.

3. One for the Ladies. One for the Gents – We offer underwear packages for both men and women, all with a few clicks of a button!

4. Unique, trendy, BOLD – Looking for something different and out of your usual commercial offerings? Then Peachez is definitely for you with bold, timeless, one-off and unique designs on offer every month.

5. No body shaming here! – Curves are so TODAY! “Skinny” is so TODAY…Being YOU and being proud of the skin you live in unapologetically is sooo TODAY! They are beautiful and real – and no one should be made to feel otherwise. Our sizes range from XS to 3XL to cater to various sizes and shapes and help all our gorgeous customers express their sexy, confident and individual selves…

And there you have it – we can’t wait to have you on board so you can experience the love and passion for Peachez as we do…

Happy days and Stay Cheeky! Deepa xoxo

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